As I write I am sitting in an International Conference for children with Developmental Disorders in Hanoi.  I’ve just delivered my presentation on ‘Evidence based interventions for children with Autism used in the UK’ and now it’s now time to party because Jo, a good friend of mine from the UK, will arrive at the hotel any minute!  

The conference has been interesting.  Some of the presentations have been mixed and I have particularly enjoyed a Malaysian Autism school teacher, a Vietnamese guy talking about sensory processing in schools, my friend Hien’s talk about the Autism Competency Framework and I look forward to a Norwegian professor talking about autism interventions from Norway tomorrow. 

But, the highlight for me though was the opening ceremony.  Along came a big group of children with additional needs; Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Language Disorder, etc. with their teachers and they sang and danced their hearts out. I couldn’t help but shed a happy tear at the fun they were having! I hope you enjoy it too.

I’ve never been greeted at an airport like this before!