(Warning: graphic content of idilic beach life ensues. If it’s raining in Blighty, do not read this blog)

We left Colombo for the weekend and headed to the south of Sri Lanka; only a couple of hours drive and where the palm fringed, golden sandy beaches hit the turquoise Indian Ocean waves. These beaches are a plenty, and it’s stunningly stonkin’.  

We’re staying in a guest house right on the beach, and in the little village down the road, there’s a surf festival going on this weekend.  The waves are huge and there’s a lot of cool surfer dudes in town, me being one obvs! 

The surfing commentator was Welsh which made me smile! “Alright butt, get your toes of that board for some hang 10ing see isn’t it, now in a minute” and all that.

We’ve done some lovely things:

We’ve been whale watching and very luckily, we saw two blue whales, a lot of pilot whales and a load of common dolphins.  One family slept through the whole trip which was very comical considering we were seeing one of the rarest mammals in the whole world.  Each to his own I suppose.  Perhaps they’d been partying ’til dawn?!  

Wakey wakey

There were a hell of a lot of thrower uppers on the boat though – me not being one of them which will surprise everyone that knows me well (at school I had a nickname ’Sicky Pucas’ which rhymed with my maiden name ‘Nicky Lucas’ on account of the number of times I threw up on school trips.

We had a surfing lesson.  Not my most glamorous moment as the waves rather resembled a washing machine, but I did manage to momentarily stand up – I’m not sure who was more shocked; the teacher or me!

We’ve had the most delicious food, the highlight being a crab curry although I really wasn’t sure how to eat it. The sauce was lovely though.

And of course you can’t come to the Indian Ocean without a few fabulous sunsets.  Just gorgeous.

Back to our search for partnerships tomorrow!